ARTeS - Short History

Short History

ARTeS was founded in 2008 by a group of psychotherapists and other professionals with interests and specializations in various fields from medicine and chemistry to business management, social assistance, foreign languages, psychology and philosophy. This initiative was a natural outcome of the improvement and benefits they experienced – personally and professionally – as participants at the Family Constellations workshops, starting with 2005.

The Family Constellations method addresses the natural tendency for balance and order of living beings and structures. By bringing out the disorder and distortions, the Constellations assist and sustain the individual along the extended process of healing and reordering himself and the systems he belongs to.

Family Constellations workshops led by Romanian and foreign therapists are periodically organized under the patronage of ARTeS. Dorina Mocanu and Alberto Iturbe Lete are the ones who contributed to disseminating and raising awareness related to Family Constellations in Romania.

The practical workshops last for a weekend and the ones involving both practical and theoretical aspects are organized annually for a 7 day period.

The training cycles – relating practical and theoretical issues – began in 2006 in Poiana tapului and they were organized yearly in 2007 (Predeal, Susai) and in 2008 (Sinaia). Starting with the summer of 2009 (Sambata de Sus) they are organized by The Romanian Association for Systemic Therapies. This year the workshop will take place in Predeal between 19 and 25 of July.