ARTeS - About Us

The Romanian Association for Systemic Therapies – ARTeS has been created by an enthusiastic group of people with different professional background and interests that discovered Family Constellations and the benefits of this therapeutic method. Therefore they decided to generate a framework in order to promote and sustain the practice and dissemination of Systemic Constellations both for organizations and individuals interested in their personal and professional development.

By sustaining the practice and transmission of systemic methods ARTeS intends to make a contribution to the wellbeing of individuals and their families, and to the welfare of the groups and of other social structures we’re living, interrelating and creating in.Our goal is to secure a support for transmitting and promoting the Family Constellations and other systemic therapies for the benefit of the interested people and institutions. We are in the service of the ones who need this method and the information related to Systemic Family Constellations.

We consider that ARTeS is based upon and will grow out of our respect for life and people. Our activities and projects rely on the recognition of the miracle within every living being. We believe in the innate inclination of every individual to mature, to relate with others and to lead a harmonious existence according to the order of Life.