ARTeS - Members

Honorary Members - the ones who inspire and sustain our actions

Alberto Iturbe Lete, MD

Alberto is a physician specialized in human nutrition and dietary therapy (University of Navarre, Spain and University of Nancy 1, France) with over 30 years of continuous practice in this field and also a therapist member of the “Bert Hellinger” Association from Spain (AEBH).

Alberto is qualified in general medicine and also in various alternative therapies and psychotherapies. He attended courses, workshops and training cycles in Naturopathic Medicine, Iridology, Phytotherapy, Therapeutic massage, Anthroposophy, Psychopathology, NLP, Gestalt and meditation, Geopathic Stress, Yoga and Group Dynamics, Processes and Development.

He is currently living in Basque Country, Spain, where he leads Family Constellations workshops in Vitoria-Gasteiz starting with 2004. Thus, in addition to his activity as a nutrition doctor, Alberto contributes to the training of the ones interested in Family Constellations practice. Alberto had training classes held by Angélica Olvera-Cudec for integrating therapeutic instruments and methods such as the enneagram, the genogram, the family tree, the confrontation therapy and group therapy with the Family Constellations method. He also attended numerous Systemic Constellations workshops and groups held by famous “constellators”, including Bert Hellinger (Seville, Spain, 2009).

Starting with 2006, Alberto started leading Family Constellations guidance groups and workshops assisted by Dorina Mocanu.

Funding Members

Dorina Mocanu (born Pincu Jiva), “constellator” and Reiki Master

Dorina made an essential contribution to disseminating and raising awareness about Family Constellations method in Romania.

Of Romanian origin and formerly an English teacher, Dorina is presently established in Spain though she lived in many countries on various continents. She became a Reiki Master in 1995 and dedicated herself to the teaching and transmission of this technique worldwide.

In 2002, Dorina discovered Family Constellations and – after following training workshops with Bert Hellinger, Vedanta Suravi, Svagito Liebermeister and others – she is currently harmoniously practicing both Reiki and Systemic Constellations conducting workshops in Romania and in Spain.

For additional information about Dorina you can visit her webpage at

Ion Bucur, psychotherapist, MA, Doctorandus

Ion graduated the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bucharest in 1998 and has a master’s degree in Psychotherapy and Psychodiagnosis (2002). He is presently Assistant Professor at “Spiru Haret” University in Bucharest and running his own training service company, coordinating training, consultancy and coaching projects.

Ion is practicing individual and group psychotherapy in his own private office for 9 years. He is qualified in Reichian Analysis, NLP, Experiential Psychotherapy (individual and group practice), Ericksonian Hypnosis, Gestalt, TA, EMDR and Short term, collaborative, solution and resources oriented psychotherapy and counseling.

Ion has a long term experience in personnel recruiting, HR and business development. He is specialized in psychometrics and personality testing.

He is member of various Romanian professional associations in the field of psychotherapy such as SPER, ARTS-CORS and APR.

Passionate about alternative and complementary therapies that he likes using in his practice, Ion organizes and attends Family Constellations workshops starting with 2005 both in Romania and abroad. He participated at Systemic Constellations preparation workshops held by Dorina and Alberto and is presently attending those led by Jutta Ten Herkel.Ion currently organizes Family and Organizational Constellations groups as a “constellator”. He was part of the ARTeS group that invited Bert Hellinger to conduct a workshop in Romania.

Luminita Bucur, Psychotherapist, MA

Luminița graduated The Faculty of Philosophy, Psychology section. She has 3 years of practice in clinical child psychology and 16 years of practice in human resources psychology (recruiting and psychological assistance). In 2005, Luminița has discovered Family Constellations attending Dorina’s workshops.

Luminita is qualified in Cognitive-behavioral therapy („Titu Maiorescu” University), Reichian analysis (trainer, Françoise Burton) and attended preparatory workshops in Family Constellations with Dr Alberto Iturbe Lete and Dorina Mocanu.

Presently she is preparing to become a “constellator” in Jutta Ten Herkel’s workshops.

She is also interested in alternative therapies such as Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Qigong which she successfully integrates in her practice.

Dr. Bogdan Ion, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist

A private practice clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Bogdan is a Lecturer Dr at The Univeristy of Bucharest, Faculty of Psychology where he teaches Sports psychology, Psychotherapy and Clinical hypnosis from 1995. He is also a trainer in Short and Cognitive-behavioral therapies, funder member and President of The Romanian Association of Short Therapies. A passionate for self-knowledge and for discovering the meaning of life, Bogdan is also a Yoga practitioner.

His interest for self development led Bogdan into discovering Family Constellations in 2007. His previous experience helped him recognize he was facing a redoubtable instrument for changes and he become familiar with this method. Bogdan is interested in using systemic constellations in his professional and scientific research activities.

Marius Leonard Mihalache, MD

Working as a trainer and coach, Marius graduated the University of Medicine. Heis interested in people and human relations: both for engaging in and studying them. Marius discovered Family Constellations in 2004 and considers this method as an important pillar for self-knowledge, self-understanding and personal development.

Becoming aware of the great potential of this technique in the area of personal, professional and organizational coaching, Marius decided to extend his know how in Constellations and attended preparatory workshops with Dorina Mocanu and dr. Alberto Iturbe Lete during 2006 and 2008.

Dragos Nicolaescu

Although qualified as teacher, in the last 15 years Dragos has been working in IT sales occupying top management positions in successful companies in this sector. He is presently a freelancer working as consultant and mediator in business management, private enterprise and personal development. He is also studying psychology as he wishes to become a psychotherapist.

As a result of his personal and professional experience Dragos understood that most of our daily basis issues are generated by our need of healing and emotional maturing. The Family Constellations had a major impact on his life, transforming his weltanschauung and offering him love and responsibility as “instruments” for healing and inner peace.

As all the other funding members, Dragoș attended preparatory Family Constellations workshops with Dorina Mocanu and Alberto Iturbe Lete.

Dr. Diana Lucia Vasile, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist

A private practice clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, Diana runs her own psychological services company since 2004. She is offering counseling and psychotherapy assistance services, professional training and psychological evaluation both for individuals and organizations.

Diana has 12 years of practice in psychotherapy and she is qualified in numerous psychotherapeutic methods in Romania and abroad. Her competencies/ qualifications include Experiential psychotherapy for individuals and groups with a specialization in Couple and family therapy centered on trauma , Reichian analysis (trainer Francoise Burton), NLP, Counseling and therapy for traumatized persons.

She also attended classes, seminaries and workshops in Anima therapy, Transpersonal psychotherapy (trainer Bernadette Blin-Lery, France), Reichian therapy and Bioenergetic analysis (dr. Aimee Hoffbeck), Holotropic Breathwork (Dr Stanislav Grof), Gestalt (Dr. Andre Moreau), Somato-analysis (dr. Richard Meyer), Counseling and negotiation techniques.

Diana was involved in various research projects and she is the author of numerous scientific papers and articles. She is a founder member of SPER (Romanian Society of Experiential Psychotherapy), of the Romanian Association of Transpersonal psychology, of ARTS-CORS and also a member of The Academy of Trauma Therapists form Australia.

She attended preparatory workshops in Family Constellations with Dorina Mocanu and Dr. Alberto Iturbe Lete and she presently organizes groups and practices herself as a “constellator”.

Ana Maria Zlataru, psychologist, Psychotherapist, MA, Drd.

Ana Maria graduated Psychology at the University of Bucharest and is presently practicing as psychotherapist. She is qualified in Experiential Psychoterapy, Reichian Analysis, Somatotherapy and she is currently preparing for becoming a “Constellator”.

In 2002 Ana finished her Master studies in Psychodiagnosis and Psychotherapy and is now a candidate in a Doctoral Program with a research thesis concerning the patterns of trans-generational transmission of psycho-emotional and corporal disorders. She is using Systemic Constellations method as a princeps instrument in her research.

After 10 years of continuous practice as a Psychotherapist, working both with individuals and with groups, Ana Maria considers that Family Constellations is the most direct and intense, and yet, the most universal and integrative method she ever met in her professional and personal activity, perfectly complementing the other psychotherapies.

Claudia Romanescu, MA

Claudia graduated Philosophy in the University of Bucharest in 2003 and attended the Analytical Psychology Master Degree Program. Claudia has beneficiated of 10 years of continuous training from her work as a volunteer or employee in NGO’s, private companies and public institutions. She cumulated know how and experience from her activities in the field of culture – particularly built heritage, project management, public policies and management – informal and non-formal education, marketing, PR, training, communication and personal development.

She is presently working as PM and consultant in the field of culture in the public administration system. Philosophy, psychology and arts are interests that connected Claudia with different, sometimes contrasting environments where persons with different professional and educational background experience the essential need of self-knowledge and accomplishment.

Claudia followed preparatory workshops in Family Constellations method led by Dorina Mocanu and Alberto Iturbe Lete.